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Last update: Oct 25, 2020

Personal data collected on this website and its purpose

This website offers the user the possibility of filling out a form in order to check the availability of the services offered. In this case, this information, provided voluntarily by the user, will be stored in the database of the site and will be transmitted as an email to the owner of the website, who will use it to respond to the user’s request.

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union, the user is informed that he has the rights granted to him by this regulation. Thus, the user has the right to know if we have their information, to request a copy of it and to request its removal (as long as we are not obliged to keep it by the Law). To do so, the user must make a written request to the owner of the website (the details of which appear in our Legal Notice) to the address

The user must also know that his data will only be used to contact him and for the provision of the services offered, and that it will not be transferred to third parties without his consent.

Third party content

This website includes an embedded map to make it easier for users to locate the establishment that offers the services. This map is provided by the OpenStreetMap servers and will not be displayed without the user’s explicit consent (by clicking on the button to accept cookies and third-party content or on the hidden content notice). The user should be aware that agreeing to view this embedded content is equivalent to visiting the service provider’s website (, which may, in turn, collect data about the user’s use of this service, as specified in their own privacy policy. At a minimum, in order for the user to see the content, it is inevitable that his IP is transmitted to the server. If the user decides not to accept this content, no information will be sent to the map server, but the user will not have access to it either.

CookiesA “cookie” is a small piece of information that a web server sends and saves in the browser of the user who is visiting that web. Each time the user loads the website, the browser sends the cookie back to the server, which can track the user’s activity. Cookies can be used to remember user information, such as preferences you may set when visiting the website, authentication data in the case of a registered user, or data in your shopping cart, for example. In other cases, they may also be used to obtain information about the user’s browsing habits or data from their device, such as the IP address, operating system, or browser used to visit the website.

Cookies used by this website

This website uses the following cookies:

  • euCookie: this is a cookie generated by this website when the user accepts cookies and third-party content by clicking on the corresponding button. It is used to remember this decision of the user and not to have to ask for it every time he visits the website. Expires after one month, unless the user decides to delete it sooner.

How to manage cookies

If the user so wishes, he can configure his browser to decide which cookies to accept and which not to, or to delete those that he has already received. Each browser has different ways to implement this option. To find out more, see the help of your browser. However, the user should be aware that blocking cookies can cause certain features of the website to cease to be operational.

The user can also revoke the consent granted by accepting cookies and third-party content by clicking the button that will appear below this text if the cookies have been previously accepted.

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